Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Signs, Art Journal and a bad curb shopping experience, oh my

First I don't know why Blogger turns the photos sometimes very irritating! Anyway here are a few more Valentine's Day inspired signs.

Loved You Once
Love You Still
Always Have
Always Will


All you need is love, love is all you need

Love those two sayings!

Front cover that has so far received some paper scraps, jewels and buttons.
I came across on old ledger type book and thought it would make a great art journal. I have been collecting small paper, pictures and misc stuff that I will eventually put into here. I guess a cross between a scrapbook and art journal. Something that someday when I am gone my future generations will get to see all the things that are important to me and what makes me me. The beginning, hopefully each page will begin to fill up.

Ok now for the part I am sure you have all been waiting for. I know me a bad curb shopping experience as I always seem to find the best stuff, not that I am bragging :) Today on my way home from the shops I pulled over to send a text message ( I am so law abiding, LOL) anyway I spotted the cutest homemade green table that must have been in someones basement. Had to have it. As I got closer the legs were cracked and in poor condition but the top was a solid piece for wood (future sign) so I grabbed it. I drive a small car that I have fit tables and dressers in before. Well this stinking table would not fit any way I tried. Well I certainly wasn't going to go put it back on their curb I mean how embarrassing. I put the table down and started pushing to bend the legs so I could fit it in, well wouldn't you know that whole stinking table falls apart! Well it finally fit in my car after 10 minutes. I am sure people driving by thought I was crazy! I should have went back with Chris and the truck or van but I was so afraid it would be gone. Things aren't always easy I guess.


  1. Oh no! Was the top okay, or did that fall apart, too? Love the new signs, Christina!

  2. Oh but jus' think - it'll all be worth it when you make a great sign out of that top - I hope the top stayed in tack. Me and my mom - well, everyone has always called us "Sanford and Son" so I understand "your pain" - hehe. Happy Treasure Hunting! Cathy

  3. Love your new signs!

    Sorry you had a bad curb experience. :(
    I've had a few. Hey- we should have a linky party! LOL= link up your worst curb shopping experience!



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