Tuesday, January 12, 2010

She's Got Legs

I cannot resist great table legs. People just discard them and I have got to have them!
Look at the detail, just gorgeous!
And I do use them too, remember the Garden Sign?
What strange item is simply irresistible to you?


  1. Oh I love table legs too! I really love any type of discarded architectural piece as well. They are a sicknes for me, and I wish I had many many more in my home!!

  2. Loving those legs!! When I was in New York City I kept taking pictures of fire escapes ~ just something about all the different kinds ~ I love them!

  3. Your collection is wonderful. Your so lucky!

  4. I love mirrors. My house is so dark and they reflect so much light. Love them. I love how you used it to make a sign. I never thought of that. On it stat pronto. I just saw some at the flea market Saturday. This would be a great gift for my mom!


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