Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Palatine Church

Remember the beautiful Historic church I told you about way back?
You can learn more about the church HERE
It was built in 1770
Here is the sign that I was replacing
Chris helping hang the new sign
I am very pleased with how it turned out!
It looks great in front of the church which is absolutely beautiful!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Side Table

I picked up this great little table at the end of the Chicks show. I fell in love with the legs and still can't believe that someone else didn't snag it.
I sanded and stained the top, painted and distressed the bottom and replaced the wood handle with an old glass knob.
Love how it turned out and I will be holding onto this one for a while.
I am still waiting to share the church sign with you we have had lots of rain so I haven't been able to hang it yet. Hopefully soon.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Random Saturday

I spent some time doing some rearranging, I grouped all my black frames around our altered art family portrait. My amazing friend Amber created it and is in the process of doing a few more for me, I can't wait!
I am loving the little cake stand I picked up.
and a new to me rug. It is faded to the perfect colors I love...creams and blacks. Chris doesn't get it and can't believe I spent money on such a thing. It was hard getting good picture of it. I also started re doing the table in our dining room. I got the top completely done and today its raining so now I can't work on the base and chairs, there always tomorrow.
We even squeezed in a trip to the fair.
I actually had the house to myself yesterday so I got a lot accomplished. The girls went to Enchanted Forrest Water Safari for the day with my aunt and Jonathan had football activities most of the day.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Daisey Clip on Earrings

Re purposed into tacks on the bulletin board
Sport practices have started and soon we will be busy nightly attending different events but now the schedules will look fabulous pinned to the bulletin board, LOL

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Fresh Cupcakes

Inspired by this fabulous lady I painted this right on the glass. I loved how it turned out. It has already sold as I painted it quite awhile ago but neglected to post about it. So here it is!

Remember the sign I am re painting for the Historic Palatine Church? Well it is finally almost finished and I can't wait to share it with you.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Well I believe the door hall tree has SOLD! It didn't last long, I knew it wouldn't. There was an ad on Craigslist for free doors in Hamilton. My dear friend Juli sent me an email Thursday about them. With the Chicks show I wasn't able to make it there until today and they were still there! The one in front will become another hall tree. The others are old paneled doors and I have big plans for them. I am collecting doors to build a potting shed. I have a vision in my head on how it will look, whether or not that happens we shall see. I am hoping to collect enough to build it in the Spring.

This the the big Bouchville Antique show this weekend and they were already setting up. I sure want to go and hopefully I can make it there so I can shop at places like this.
Too bad they were closed...just look at all the great junk!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Door Hall Tree

I had someone give me this old red door, surpirising right? Well I have had it for a while and thought it would make a great hall tree. I finally got Chris motivated to work on it. He has been really busy working on our future cottage so it took some convincing. Here is the only before picture already in process. Two old doors were used to build the hall tree. (Don't mind the mess this was pre Chicks show so I was so busy painting so my counter was covered in signs, papers and paint)
Here is the after was some unifying paint. The bottom opens up for storage and we added some details to the door and of course mirror to where the glass would have been.

It did not sell at the chicks show so it is still available at The Shops at 25 West if anyone is interested.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Chicks Along the Canal

Yesterday was an amazing day! The weather was perfect. We had 24 chicks and lots of shoppers. Rather impressive for our first year.

Love the orange pom poms
The five chicks! From left to right we have Christine, Amber, Juli, Kelly and me.
Here is my space.

I sold the cupcake sign this this sweet girl. It was so nice talking to her and all the other wonderful people. I was really surprised by all that knew me from my shop or my blog! What a great day!

The following are shots of all the great items all the chicks had available.

Olivia sold her very first photograph. She is an up and coming chick who was also asked to bring some of her goodies to a trunk show!

Mr. "chick"
Jones Family Farm was there sharing cheese they make along with chicken and goat.
Lots of vintage clothing and materials

We had live music all day.

This adorable couple did some dancing.
Jodi from Bountiful... we just loved her boots!
It was a fantastic day! Can't wait until next year. If you are interested in being a chick at the next show, visit our website for more information.