Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Door Love...

As you know I have such a weakness for old windows and doors, like these I picked up over the summer.

When I came home tonight I found two of these lovelies on my porch. I couldn't even go in the house I had to oohhh and awww over them. Most people who know me give me "junk" or call me when they see a piece of furniture along side the road, so I wasn't immediately sure who they were from. My neighbor dropped them off thinking I could use them. So Right! Now what to do with them? What would you do? Prop them against a wall and admire their beauty (maybe in white), turn them into a piece of furniture, a chalkboard, or hang them on the wall with sconces attached.
I would love to hear your ideas!


  1. I'm sure whatever you do it will be very unique.


  2. One idea - My Dad cuts off the bottom portion of the door & makes a giant coffee table out of it - always looks really great! I always love old doors as headboards or coat racks too :)

  3. I will be posting next week about a door like that I am crackling for a friend. I love doors too!!!!

  4. You're right, there should be nothing out of the reach of creativity. I like your blog.

  5. I love me some old stuff!! I wish I had friends drop junk off to me...My husband is glad they don't, though!!
    Have you seen where{Ashley Ann Photography, I think} took an old door, turned it on the side, then took pallets and made a daybed or sorts out of it?? So cute. I so want to do that in our "spare, junk, craft, etc." room.

  6. I would so cut the hinges off and fill them in with wood putty paint it black destress it cut a piece of glass to size and then turn it into a table top for a desk , then you could put differant inspiring sayings on top before applying the glass sort of like a shadow box thingy !! something to that affect ! any way I love the door ..have fun .


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