Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Vintage Junkie Multiples Party

My favorite multiples are...

My white dishes, I have quite a few plates, bowls, platters and pitchers. I have them in my "new" hutch and hanging on the wall.

I also have multiple black frames. Some don't start out black but a little spray paint goes a long way.

I have a lot of windows, I just can't get enough of them.
I have one hanging outside on my porch, I took the picture through the living room window, can you see it hanging there?

They are hung and propped up all over the house, I am constantly moving them around.

I also use them as frames.

I hope you enjoyed looking at all my multiples...go check out all the others.


  1. Oh we have some of the same obsessions! thanks for joining!


  2. I love the collection of frames and the plates hanging on the wall. Very economical and stylish ways to fill wall space. Great!

  3. you've got some lovely, lovely things! i especially LOVE those old windows!!!

  4. Great multiples. I love those windows. They are getting harder and harder to find, in my neck of the woods. I also love the collage of black frames.

  5. Love your frames and windows! And I love how you decorate...very neat!


  6. Your windows are awesome...you just can't have too many old windows...loooove what you have done with yours, thanks for sharing!


  7. love. Love. LOVE the plate wall! And I admire your collection of windows - those are great to have!

  8. Great idea with the black frames up the stairwell! I'm pinchin' it. :o) I love your windows too. Great blog!

  9. I was so busy looking at your multiples post that I didn't realize you are a fellow decorative artist. Love you signs! Very nice work. I've become a follower and I hope you so then same!

  10. I have a bunch of black frames too! I bought 5 or 6 more yesterday...love yours!

    That last window is to die for! I'm going with a city theme in my dining room and it would be perfect :)


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