Tuesday, September 15, 2009

To Paint OR Not to Paint?

I picked up the sweet little side table. BUT I don't know if I should leave as is or paint it white and distress it? What do you all think? Let me hear your ideas.


  1. It's cute but I think you could make it more so. Paint the sucker and then add your magic.

  2. Is that even a question?! It's cute, but everything looks better painted and distressed!

  3. I have all dark wood furniture and can get the courage to paint it! What ever you decided it will be beautiful! Warm wishes, Esther

  4. It's darling but, I convinced you will work majic on it!

  5. I'm often faced with the same dilema, which then leads to piles of "to-do's" sitting around my garage so sometimes if it's cute enough I put it out as is, when I have a lull (ha!ha!) and it hasn't sold then I give it the spruce up it deserves. A very difficult concept when your creative mind never sleeps and you like things just so....
    Good luck,


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