Thursday, September 17, 2009


I have soo much going on right now. I am sure you all know what that is like. The kids are all back in school, Makayla was sick this week and it is only the 2nd week of school. We have football and field hockey, so most nights we don't get home until after 7 and eat at eight or nine if we are lucky. Sooo...I have a lot of started projects but not too many completed to share. I hope to get a lot done this weekend.

Cut down a dresser I picked off the curb, paint it...paint another dresser I picked up...paint that little side table(I wanted to paint it but just needed that encouragement that it would be OK) As you see a lot of painting I hope.
In the meantime I will leave you will a small redo. I picked up this angel at Salvation Army. Like the shape but not the style. I sanded, painted and distressed her.
I think she came out well.

Have a great day and I should be back with some new things to share.

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  1. Your little angel turned out so cute ~ I would never think of doing something like that! Thanks for the idea :o)


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