Sunday, September 27, 2009

End Table Reveal...

Remember the Saturday I spent painting all of this?

Included in all this painting was a cute little end table I picked up when I was in Ohio.

She got a fresh coat of cream paint and then I really brought her to life with a chandelier,yes I now it is off center, EVERYONE in my house has brought that to my attention. LOL But I did do that on purpose, for some reason I didn't want it perfectly center. I originally was going to add a glass knob, but the existing holes are too close together, so I added a coordinating ribbon instead.

We are going to Paca Gardens today in Little Falls, they are having an open house. They just had some baby Alpacas born so if you leave nearby, come check it out.
Oh yes, don't forget if you haven't entered the giveaway, be sure to do so as I will be drawing tomorrow after work.
Thanks for all the kind comments regarding Kimmy's birthday. Time goes so quickly it is still unbelievable she is 16, seems like yesterday I was changing her diaper. As I am sure all of you know.

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