Friday, May 14, 2010

Refurbished Headboards

I was super excited to see Funky Junk Interiors Saturday Night Special's theme was refurbished headboards. You can find discarded headboards everywhere and the uses are endless. My favorite is to use them as a canvas for a sign or artwork. The one below hangs in my yard and makes a wonderful art piece.
Another one I had painted.

Of course they make great benches. This one is my all time favorite.
I love the red of this one.
Please go visit the others for Saturday Nite Special # 30


  1. Wow! I just love your headboard signs! What a great idea! And I adore your bench! I have always wanted one of those. Thanks for the great inspirations!

  2. Oh what a great post you have for Donna's party! So much to choose from as favorites... I think I pick the red bench... can't help loving it!

  3. Amaaaaazing! Love your signs! You sure know what headboard to choose! I'm inspired. :)

    Thanks for linking this up to SNS!
    FJ Donna

  4. These are great, Christina! I think Donna's theme this week is right up your alley! I'd actually like to find a headboard {at the thrift store} to fix up, but I'm going to use it as a headboard. : )

  5. Great signs ~ I love looking outside the box and using a piece for something completely different!!

  6. Goodness - I love how you used them to paint signs - and sitting them right on the floor. You've got me thinkin' now, girl :).

  7. The signs came out so good! I love the red bench too. Great punch of color!

  8. Christina,
    Love your signs and I actually know where Ilion is! Also know where your shop is, but haven't been able to get there yet when it's open.
    Small world, isn't it? ;)

  9. I love these! especially the flower one!


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