Sunday, May 23, 2010

Junk Drawers

Another curbside find that certainly has seen better days. A little paint goes along way.

Since the top drawer was broken I created a shelf that now holds a basket for all your junk.
Some sweet birdies on the top
This would be great in any room.
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  1. Cute! Love the little birdies!

  2. I am going to have to start driving around on trash night!This turned out wonderful.

  3. Great idea to make it a shelf with basket, Christina! It looks like a great little piece that would fit in anywhere.

  4. Love it!! Don't you just love freebies..


  5. Great Makeover! Free things are wonderful:)

  6. I love that! We stuck an old chest into a hole that we had a broken floor type ice maker in. We put a basket at the top and use the drawers for paper and plastic. Looks cute and works great! Love your ideas and your signs.

  7. You are so good! That's all I've got to say - you are just good girl!

  8. Great idea. I have a night stand that had 2 drawers - one drawer was missing so like you we made it into a shelf. I never thought about putting a basket in the space - I think I'll try that!


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