Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Quick Makeover

I picked up this small display/shelf? Not exactly what it was used for, it was missing the actual shelf part. I am guessing they were glass. It was a lovely gold color (forgot to take a picture before I painted it black)Cut some luan to fit
Painted it all black. Now it is a perfect display for some of my white pitchers.
Thanks so much for all the great advise on my dining room! I am definitely gonna beef up the chair railing, I never even thought of that. Still not exactly sure on the color but I will share the outcome soon.


  1. That's gorgeous!! I bet you come up with all kinds of uses for it.

  2. Well I would say that turned out pretty darn cute!

  3. What a great tiered shelf, Christina! I love things like that. I like the other one you had in the background, too.

  4. LOVE IT!

    I wish I lived closer and could visit your shop!

    ~angela @ peonypatch

  5. I just love a quick and easy makeover. Your white pottery looks amazing - like it was meant to been.

  6. I love the shelf, especially with the white. Blessings


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