Monday, June 8, 2009

Questions Answered

I have had a few questions about the signs I create, so I thought I would try to answer them all here. I made my first sign at about age 8, LOL. Well maybe not 8 but I was younger. When my parents sold the home I grew up in a friend from high schools aunt bought it. While cleaning out the house they came across a sign I had made with the whole family's name on it. So way back then I must have known I was destined to make signs. I actually started making them just for myself. I loved signs and still do but couldn't afford to spend big money on them. Slowly I made more and more for other people as gifts and requests.

I try to use all reclaimed wood. I get my wood from many different places. People give me left overs and scraps, old pallets and even from pieces of furniture. I do have to buy wood on occasion but I try not to. This is my way of "recycling."

I hand paint all of the signs, I use to use stencils, but now it is paint pens and brushes.

I LOVE what I do and wish I could do it full time, but something like this isn't reliable. I will leave you with a few signs. (hopefully I haven't shared before)

For a sweet little girls first birthday

I made these for my sisters

Don't forget the drawing is Wednesday, leave me comment on that post if you want a chance to win!

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  1. Love the chateau and chandelier sign. Very creative. I don't know how long you have been on blogspot but Ijust started my "business" one a few weeks ago. I am doing my first give away and my traffic has almost doubled in one week-just an idea-when your followers see a give away many times they will post it and you get many of their people coming over to check out your site.



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