Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Lovely Day

That what yesterday was! The weather was beautiful, my oldest daughter, Kim and I spent a few hours together at the Garden Show at the Canal Place. Below is the lady who has dejavu inside the Shops at 25 West. She had a small display outside yesterday. I LOVE her stuff great eclectic finds!

Next is Paca Gardens they are an Alpaca Farm that uses the wool or hair, not sure what to call it and makes yarn and various other things (I am currently making a sign for her and I will be sure to share when I am done)

Lat but not least was Kim as in Kreations by Kim, she makes amazing flower arrangements.

A you can see there were many other booths, along with local artist painting in the park. They had a great day outside and inside at the shops so I will be busy today making new.

I also delivered these signs to Treasures in Herkimer (sorry I will take my camera next time) in trade for 2 windows and a cute little wood table, soon to be painted. What a great Saturday, hope all of your was great as well.

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  1. Those signs turned out great! Do you use vinyl letters or hand paint the words?


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