Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yes, lots of flower pictures today. First of all have you seen all the photos from the Farm Chicks show? Of course you have, I fell in LOVE with the topiaries from the Barn House Boys. Since I live several thousand miles away I won't be getting one. I made my own version, not as good as theirs, but it will do. Do we have anything similar to the Farm Chicks show here on the East coast???? Am I living under a rock and have never heard of it? If we don't we need an east coast event!
Stopped at a garage sale, picked up this metal work thing, it was attached to a shelf, but I removed it. The sweet lady that was having the sale cut me a bouquet, aren't they beautiful!

Finally a few pictures from the canal place, where my shop is.
Makayla was a great model until she realized there were bees everywhere.


  1. Great topiary, great yard sale finds, beautiful flowers... and one adorable little girl!!!

    Hey, if you hear of a Farm Chicks type show here in NY, you let me know. Ok?

  2. Great photos of the pretty flowers and Makayla!!

  3. Love the topiary! I know there are some great antique shows on this coast but not just like Farm Chicks. Add me to the list of drooling over everyone's FC pictures!


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