Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My Shop

I took some signs down today. I continue to have sales, it still surprises me. I also added another table to sell since the other sold so quickly. After I left there I stopped at the thrift store in Little Falls I ended up with a lot of great stuff that I can't wait to transform. I will be sure to show pictures. Also stopped at Treasures in Herkimer, LOVE that place! Picked up another window to work on as well. All and all I am keeping very busy and I love it!

I figured out how to enlarge the pictures, just click on it.


  1. I'm happy for you Christina and glad you like it down there. It's a great spot to be! Your little spot looks so nice!

  2. Hey Christina! How much is the pale blue with white writing sign that says Flowers? It's in the far right corner. I really like it! Is is pale blue or more of a robins egg blue? Do you ship? I'm in Ohio. Thanks! Polly


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