Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Vintage Chick

Mellisa won my one year anniversary giveaway and she could not decide between two signs. Who am I to say no, I did them both. I hope you like them!


  1. Those are great, love the lettering on the Vintage Chick. I know she will love them!!

  2. Beautiful, Christina! I love that blue you used on her Vintage Chicks sign.

  3. I just got in and was checking my e-mails, fb and blog when I seen your post, I stopped what I was doing and ran to my front door, inside my screendoor was the package. Oh My Girl,I can't believe you did them booth. I don't just like them I love them, they look fabulous on my walls, yes I put them up right away. Thanks you so much, you are so kind.

    Now off to blog about my new signs.


  4. love your signs...i just tried making one today..."littleneck clams" to go with my beachy theme goin' on over here.
    I'll have to email you a pic.
    so glad you made that last comment on my "excure me" post...that wasn't supposed to post til saturday, darn.


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