Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I am here, I know its been a bit since I have posted. I have been busy, track and softball have started, I am walking about 3 miles each night after work (half of it uphill) I keep forgetting to bring my camera to show you my walking route.

I am completely rearranging my booth today, pictures to come. In the mean time remember the pretty in pink sewing cabinet? Here it is with the sewing machine. Darling. Apparently it is from the 30s -40s. It has a cute matching carrying case and the machine still works so you could use it as display or sew with it! Be back later with booth pictures.


  1. still can't get enough of the harlequin pattern. I'm searching for where I want to paint it. thanks for the eye candy!

  2. It looks beautiful, Christina! And you know I love that harlequin pattern!


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