Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy 15th Birthday to my favorite son

Today is Jonathan's birthday, boy has 15 years gone too fast. It seems like yesterday he was born. He is growing into a fine young man. The picture of us was taken last year at this time so he is even taller now. He is not longer my little Jon boy.

Happy Birthday, we love you very much!


  1. I tell my son he is my favorite son {and he tells me he's my only son}! Happy Birthday to your Jonathan! It does go fast ~ enjoy every moment; before I knew it college was looming!

  2. Happy Birthday Jonathan! My son just got married last weekend! yes time does fly by!

  3. Christina, Thanks for the advice, love it all.. Yes moving stuff totally helps, makes customrs think something is new even if it isnt.. I will do that.
    My boy (and oldest) will be 15 in July, and is now taller than me, deep voice would rather be w.friends and yet I can still remember him on the back of my bike going for rides eating plain waffles... makes me tear up... But one more year they can pick up the other kiddies for us... Yeah...
    Thank You... Please send over any advice whenever you have it... Love it all and so so appreciate it..
    i have always been in a co-op where the sole responsibility is shared- but by myself is a differ. thing..
    love ya karryann


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