Thursday, March 25, 2010

I hung the frames as is last night. I need to find a few more to fill in the space. But so far so good. Sorry about the picture the sun wasn't cooperating. As you can see we still haven't finished that mini dresser (not sure what else to call it and when I say we I really mean Chris, ha ha)

Doing that I had to find a new home for this. It made it's way to the kitchen. I had a wall full of plates here but for some reason over the last few day they are all falling off the wall. Some have broke. It may have to do with the door that the kids might slam on occasion. So I put all the plates in that heavy duty plastic plate holder. I have been on the search for an old chicken feeder to put all my plates in.
My friend Rick from the shops gave me a great deal on some old keys. Just love them!
This one is my favorite, room number and all.
The sun is shining so it will be a beautiful day! Don't forget about the anniversary giveaway.

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  1. That mini dresser is really nice, Christina. I love that piece {over your plates}.


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