Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I am in love with these frames. I found one and really liked it and now I seem to be finding them everywhere, or are they finding me? I paid less then $10 for these three frames, I think I got a good deal. I am pleased. They are always gold. Why? Anyone know.
I am debating painting them white, as I would love to group them together on a wall.
I just love how chippy they are.
If you haven't already, don't forget to sign up for a chance to win a custom sign.


  1. Wow, and they all have such great details, Christina! Good score! As to why they are always gold ~ don't know. I'm sure it was "in" at some point when people got pictures framed.

  2. OH my goodness, I LOVE your blog, those frames are amazing- (hmmm)to paint or not, i can see the debate. Lovely in gold, but pretty in white..And what a deal you got.. I love Your Family Portrait too Cute.. I want that.. I will have to go click that to check it out..NEW YORK, i have always wanted to go to New York,, One day.THanks for stopping by my blog, and Following-SO makes me happy when i see a new follower.. Cant wait to see all you do, and get inspiration.. I thought i could paint-how hard could that be, BUT oh no, my mind and my hands do not coordinate...

  3. Winner, winner chicken dinner! What a deal!!!!

  4. I always paint my frames black, lol. I hate that I always find frames in gold


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