Monday, December 28, 2009

What would you do?

I painted this basket black and added a decorative wood piece to dress up a normally boring utilitarian piece. My question to you is what to put on the wood. Help yourself, enjoy, Bon Appetite, maybe something in french? I just don't know, what would you do?


  1. Do you use the vinyl letters?
    Don't they peel off?
    If so, then just chose one, and then when you tire of it, put a different one on.

    If you paint them, different story.
    Will have to think about that for awhile. =0)

    blessings and Happy New Year

    barbara jean

  2. That's a neat idea, Christina! I like the way that looks. Will you be using it as pictured? I would keep thinking about it if I'm not sure, especially, as Barbara Jean says, you might paint words on. You could do something like "This and That" or "Misc." if you plan on using it for other things and in other rooms.

  3. If you do something more generic you can use the basket for different things. I really like the little plaque and the color you chose. What about using a monogram letter??

  4. how about just a monogram of your last name or something.

  5. If it is for you I'd do a monogram but if it is to sell then I'd do a bee or since you have picnic items in it maybe the french word for picnic.


  6. If you're keeping the items in the picture in the basket, I like Bon Appetite

  7. I'm totally digging your blog! You have some fantastic ideas & totally my thrift store upcycling style!

    My vote for the basket is either Bon Appetite or a monogram or number. Those would be good b/c then the basket could hold anything from toilet paper to magazines - anything at all :)

  8. I like the idea of putting numbers on it.
    It could be used anywhere.
    Very cute so far. Looking forward to see what you come up with.


  9. I would add a simple letter or number, or maybe a bird or some such animal.

    I think it looks great.

  10. I am in agreement with those who said a monogram or how about your house number?? Don't forget to show us when you are done.


  11. How about "panier" (French for basket)?
    Or "ménagère" (French for cutlery)?
    Or "Servez-vous" (French for help yourself)?

    Hope these help!


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