Sunday, December 13, 2009

New York

We had an amazing time yesterday! I have a few photos to share. It is difficult to get many pictures with all the people.
Rockefeller Center was beautiful.
Honestly the tree wasn't as impressive in person as it is in pictures or on television.

I really loved their window display, Macy's was beautiful but no pictures!


Toys are us was amazing! Sure wish the kids could have seen the store, next time!

Bryant Park was beautiful! Little shops all through the park, a carousel, and ice skating in the center.


  1. How wonderful for you that you got to go.
    I love New York City. It's a lot of fun at Christmas time. I was there in July to see a Yankee game.

  2. It is amazing ~ I loved it when we were then in September. I would love to go this time of year!

  3. I was just there yesterday too {came home late this morning}. We didn't have time to see the tree or the windows, but it was a nice trip in and I always love seeing the older buildings with their architectural interest.


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