Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow

3 to 6 inches of snow today. I guess winter has arrived!


  1. I definitely think winter is here. We had about an inch last night but it has melted already as the temperature is 45 degrees this is supposed to drastically drop throughout the day and we are supposed to have 50 mph winds and tomorrow a high of 20. I truly don't mind the cold, I know I'm weird!!

    Stay warm.


  2. We have wind and rain today. And I'm okay with that! : )

  3. Oh Christina - the snow is beautiful - we had sooooooo much wind and rain overnight - it was quite scary - the snow looks much more peaceful. And what a beautiful way to get you in the Christmas spirit! I sold the chandelier sign today - I so hated to see it go - it was jus' wonderful - but it is gonna make a special Christmas gift for someone. I hope you and your family have a beautiful Christmas. Many blessings, Cathy


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