Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekend Finds

The weather was beautiful this weekend so I managed to squeeze in some shopping. I picked up a great desk, wreath, books, brackets, vintage frames and a cute little angel. I picked up the books to use for Halloween, Joys of Home used some and wrote spells, potions etc on the spines. I wanted to do the same, however when I got them home they are old hymnals ( I didn't even open them before I bought them and didn't pay any attention to the covers.) so I don't think that would be right to use them for that. They have great patina so I will just keep them around, unaltered.

One of the frames had an old picture she is a bit mysterious/creepy. We hung her in the living room for Halloween.

The cute angel...I just love this.

I have been working on Christmas signs, do you want to see them or is it too early?

Oh I forgot today was the linky party at Flea Market Style...
Go check out everyones great finds.


  1. Oh no~ I would love to see your Christmas signs! It will inspire me. I have many projects to do but I have the Flu!
    I hope to get back to business tomorrow!

  2. It's never too early for Christmas stuff. I have my collection of old Christmas ornaments and candy containers on display all year. No one ever smiled in pictures you see of people from the "olden days". I'm thinking they had bad teeth or that life was so hard back then and they had nothing to smile about.

  3. I was going to say exactly what Judy said - it is never to early to see Christmas stuff, especially since we are already half way through October!

  4. Never to early for Christmas ... but it does put me in a panic!!

    Great finds!!


  5. Oooh, that photo is so mysterious! I love it. The desk is really cute too.

  6. Panic setting in. This is my first year selling my finds, and I think I'm way behind as far as Christmas goes. You better show us the signs.

  7. Those are some cool books! can't go wrong with books. You have a great blog! Cute crafts! very inspiring!!

  8. oooh. so you "hung her in the living room for Halloween." Creepy! LOL
    Lots of fun things you found.

  9. Cool books. I would love to see your Christmas signs. It is coming so fast. And I have been slow getting through the Flea Marketeers :-)


  10. The picture would make a great halloween decoration with some cobwebs draped around it!



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