Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chair Makeover

Here is our dining room...

Remember these chairs?

The chairs and the room got a mini makeover. I am so into zebra right now. No idea why but I thought this would warm up the room a bit for winter. I may need to paint the walls a new color.

I picked up some great stuff today, I will share with you a bit later, promise!


  1. Oh ya baby, love the zebra fabric. I am so in love with black and white.

  2. Great job Christina!! I really like those chairs!

  3. I love the zebra print, it's a great contrast to the chairs. How fresh and modern.

  4. Zebra is so cool. I am still finishing that chair, finally got some more black spray paint to second coat the chair (all the nooks and crannies).
    Love your chairs!

  5. I love the zebra fabric. It's a great makeover!


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