Monday, July 13, 2009

French Feel

I cannot find my "before" picture of this cute little chair. It was already white so I added a little French Flair.

I also painted this old cutting board with a whimsical topiary. I may change the ribbon to black and white. What do you think?


  1. I'm real into black right now, so I'd say change it!! =0))

    Barbara Jean

  2. Love the chair and the little roosters. I would like the black and white ribbon personally, but the green goes well also. Did you antique the chair? I haven't been thrift store shopping lately, getting ready for the art expo in Houston. I enjoy painting on old things whether it is a chair, table or salad bowls. I have painted on just about everything - light bulbs, cypress knees, bark off the old trees, etc. The problem is setting aside time to do it all but you seem to have a good handle on that.

  3. you are so talented. Great job!!


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