Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Our Computer Area

Not a very pretty or organized area. So I decided it could use some work since I am in the spring cleaning/decorating/painting state.

I picked up some things from Wal Mart, Salvation Army and the curb...

I painted and recovered the chair. See the ribbon across the top of the chalk board, that will eventually have clothespins with pictures and whatever hanging from it. I may also "beef" it up with some new molding. What do you think of the desk though? Its been black for a long time. Should it stay or be painted a nice cream or white? Do you see my curb side find? A great wood panel door with an awesome glass knob.

I added three baskets to it for storage, computer paper, bills, whatever. I may make some labels for them.

Not bad I spent about $10.00 and it already made a big difference, i will be sure to show you the completely finished product.

Hope the weather is as beautiful wherever you are as it is here!


  1. Hey Christina! Love the baskets on the door! I LOVE that toile, also. I've been eyeing it at Walmart myself!

  2. I know aren't the colors great in the toile!


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