Sunday, April 26, 2009

Awesome Weekend

That is what we had here! The weather was perfect. Had lots of fun. Yesterday my oldest daughter had a softball tournament and they won! Was able to finally finish cleaning up the back yard and do some painting. I made this cute flower box out of an old CD holder, just added some ball feet and painted. I cannot wait to plant some inpatients in it.

We went for a drive this afternoon up north and stopped for some ice cream. I think the place was called the caboose.

Makayla and I went for a nice walk down to the marina... were I may be making a few signs for the restaurant, but more on that later.

Hope you all had a nice weekend too. Thanks for all the nice comments on the Foosball transformation.


  1. Congrats to your daughter on winning her tourney!

    What a cute little place you guys found! Was it as hot up there as it was down here today?

  2. I really like this, It's going to look so cute with flowers in it.


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