Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Display

I had the opportunity to decorate the elevator space at The Shops at 25 West. Apparently I thought I have lots of extra time, LOL. I wanted to do something a bit different not necessarily all red and green. I used old dollies as snowflakes attaching them to the wall, I will be adding more hanging down from the ceiling this weekend. The starch didn't keep them as stiff as I would have liked. Someone suggested sugar water, anyone ever used this? What consistency?
I also had Chris build me some "Christmas Trees" out of poplar trees. I think they are adorable and really not difficult. We (Chris) used some branches from a fallen tree, cutting them 2 inches smaller for each branch, drilled holes in them and stacked them on a dowel rod. I love how they are rustic and terribly simple.
Of course I had to have a window in there and I made one of those awesome book page wreaths everyone has created to go on top of it. I really like how it turned out, of course it looks much better in person! Stop by and see it. The Shops are open until 8PM this Friday, December 3rd and our Holiday Open House is Saturday!

Hope everyone is keeping warm!

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  1. It looks wonderful. I love your trees (hubby did a good job) and the snowflakes. Very original!

    Your book wreath turned out very pretty too! I just love book wreath.


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