Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas in Little Falls Recap

Well Saturday was absolutely beautiful here! The weather was perfect, people were out and about and extremely friendly! Sales were great for the 5 hours we were at the Indoor Market. We also got some media coverage for The Chicks Along the Canal which we shared on the Chicks Facebook page. (Feel free to "LIKE" us) Really only had 2 complaints. It was very dark inside. I think we ended up with the darkest corner in the place. You can see in the picture below. We borrowed a portable flashlight so we could spotlight our goods if needed. It was also very cold. It actually felt colder inside then it was outside. Does that make any sense?

I met some really great people and it really was a wonderful time! I also found out there is a local Roller Derby team, I never knew that! More on that later though.

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  1. Hi there! I wanted to let you I admire your creativity and talent....and often browse your wonderful items at the Mill shops...I am a fellow Valley mom ( I live in herkimer) who loves getting down and dirty with whatever paint, paper, clay, glitter,etc.... I can find! I am also a member of said local Roller Deby team.....anyways I love creating and rollerskating! and your blog! xo Marissa (Pippi Hardknocking)


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