Monday, October 25, 2010


Remember the paper treatment I did at my space in The Shops at 25 West? Well I LOVED it so much I decided to do it in my home too. I chose the stairway as I just wanted it to be an accent wall. It isn't finished as you can see in the picture but it looks great already. Over the paper I hung my favorite frames that I white washed. I hung a candelabra as well to add to the look.
I was difficult to get a good picture. My house is divided, my two daughters think it looks good. My son questions my choice and my husband only said I hope this isn't permanent, you aren't gluing it are you?
I will share the final "look" with you when it is all done. Have you done anything outragous in your home latley and LOVE how it turned out?


  1. Not lately, but I did paint the doors in our master bathroom for closet and the two doors' pocket sides that face in the bathroom a cream color and then aged them. About 10 years ago I did a gray marble faux finish on the bathroom walls in the hall/main bathroom. I am not a faux painter by any means but I used a Christopher Lowell technique and I love it still. My hubby actually loved it, too {which was a relief and a satisfying feeling at the same time}! Otherwise, I try not to do too much that might be outrageous {to him. anyway} because I'd like the ole guy to stick around a bit longer! ; )

  2. I can't wait to see it finished! And the girls get 2 votes to every 1 of the guys!!

  3. I think it's kinda cool! My husband wouldn't approve of me papering our staircase. I try to stick to paint when I do outrages things. This way, it's easy to fix. ;-)

    How did you put the paper up? It really gives the space character and the feel of age and stories.


  4. Oh I LOVE it! Told you!
    You go girl! Express yourself.


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