Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Estate Sales

I picked up these two pieces of furniture that were left over from an estate sale. It feels strange going through someones things after they are deceased. All their belongings spread out for people to pick through. I guess it makes me feel better that I am giving them new life. I really loved this chair and new it could be great.
This cute table was in the basement covered in cobwebs!
I picked up a sheet from Salvation Army for $1.00 that worked wonderfully to recover the cushion.
The table is just darling now with a stained top and white legs. I actually think these pieces go together quite well.
Sorry for the poor pictures my camera is still acting up, I may have to break down and buy a new one. I did dig out my old camera but of course I can't find the cord to load the pictures on the computer so I am stuck using my phone.


  1. They turned out beautiful!! I love that they look like they belong together.

  2. Love them, Christina! I think the back on that chair stands out better in the white and I love the table with the white legs and stained top.

  3. That's the best way to find some nice pieces of furniture at times. Be careful. If you have a nice antique and paint it, it won't be worth as much. But I'm sure you check first..LOL Especially being around that antique center. You did a great job with those pieces Christina!

  4. Great job! They look awesome. You gave them new and improved life.


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