Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I know I haven't been posting so much lately, but things have been busy. End of the school year, finals, and softball is finishing up this week with three games. I have also been getting ready for a show in August, Chicks along the Canal. I will be sharing more on this soon! Filling sign orders, training for my first 5K that I am running with my sisters, I could go on and on. Just typing this makes me tired!

Saturday is also a big day here. We are pouring concrete for a place we are putting in the country. I know I haven't talked about this before but there isn't too much to say about it yet. Chris and I have a 3 year plan to be mortgage free. We are putting in a mobile home and fixing it up, gutting and remodeling the inside and adding an addition. We are doing this without incurring ANY debt so when we are done we can sell our house and live mortgage free! That part excites me I mean being mortgage free by the time I am 40 well maybe even by 35
! As well as taking on the challenge of designing and decorating a new space. So I will be sharing this adventure from here on out on my blog too.

I had to post a picture so I will leave you with my butterfly tree!


  1. Sounds exciting - keep us posted. And living mortgage free - thankfully, we've been blessed to be for a while - you will rest easy when you are there. Good luck on all your ventures.

  2. Very exciting for you, Christina! We were mortgage free at one point, then took another for potential retirement property we were looking into {that fell through}. Looking forward to hearing about your progress on the new place.


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