Thursday, June 24, 2010

Junk Yard Days

We went to the junk yard for Chris to look for some parts. As you may or may not know sometimes they have what you need and sometimes they don't. Nothing for Chirs but I spotted this old Chevy truck, isn't great! The passenger side mirror is in great shape and so lovely! I thought it would make a great mirror that hangs on the wall in your bathroom. I moves all around so it will be perfect. I wanted it! So here is Chris taking it off. Leave it to me to find something in the junk yard he mumbles as he is taking it off. He IS the best!

Stay tuned for the transformation gracing my bathroom wall, soon I hope.


  1. I never thought of going to the junk yard with my hubby. Next trip he makes I'm tagging along, but as you know I can't tell him I'm looking for any thing until I find it. I think all men mumbles and grumbles about the junk we bring home. Can't wait to see the mirror in it's new home.



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