Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What to do?

I am trying to rearrange and decide what to put on the dresser. The video game TV use to be here it has now moved to my son's room leaving a very empty spot. Not sure what to put here or if i should move the dresser. It works great as storage for blankets and pillows. (Living in upstate NY you need a blanket to cover up with at night to stay warm.) I do like how the dresser looks with the salvaged doorway header(if that is what it is called) and my sign. Don't mind all the junk around it apparently I need to do some cleaning. Oh well there is always tomorrow. Any suggestions?

I have also been "playing around" with some different art work/signs. I have a lot of old silverware that is engraved or is just a nice pattern. Usually kept in a milk glass container I wanted to show them off. Below is an example I used left over pieces of molding to create a frame.
This one is a little more out there. I painted and added the silverware to an old door, you can still see the hole for the handle. I am thinking of adding a food saying or Bon Appetite. What do you think? Too much?

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  1. I think you should keep the dresser were it is. It looks great with the Header Board Shelf above. Your right though it needs something. On thing the is tall and skinny, or something hung on the wall to blend the two spaces. Hmmmm. Do you have any old windows you could set on the dresser, or maybe a couple large candle holders, or post rails.

    Not sure if that helped or not but it is almost perfect the way it is. Just a little fluffing using your amazing talent and it will be perfect.

    Oh just thought about something, what about moving the current fram into the middle, add you frames on either side (just the frames so you can see the wall color through it) then a tray and bowl or something like that on the top of the dresser. It might work.


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