Saturday, May 30, 2009

All Moved In

I am all moved in at The Shops at 25 West. Of course I already have ideas of rearranging so I will be back tomorrow. Hey I am coming up on my 100th post I think a giveaway is called for. I need some suggestions, a custom sign for the winner OR a few smaller signs....what do you all think???


  1. Your store looks great, Christina! I know you'll be a success!

    Giveaway, huh? Maybe give a choice, a custom sign OR a couple small signs?

  2. Anything you giveaway will be appreciated! Your signs are so nice.


  3. That's quite a start Christina! You have so much stuff. It will be better than hauling stuff to flea markets and craft shows all the time. Looks real nice.

  4. Your shop looks great! Congrats on that. And a give away? Cool! I'm with Dawn... maybe a choice... or maybe a surprise designed by you? Either way, I'm sure the winner will love it.

  5. Good Luck! This is a big step.


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