Saturday, March 28, 2009


Well I made it through the day. Sales were a little slow but I still managed to make a little. This was a smaller craft fair then most. I did some networking which is always good, when and where are the next fairs and which ones seem to be better then others. It is tough because you never know which one you'll do great at and what you might sell. Its fun no matter what.

I met a lady there who is turning her flower shed into "candy land" so she may contact me to help paint some of the candy. Oh I hope she does, how fun that would be. Another that has an Alpaca farm who may invest in a sign for the farm. So even if sales are not the best you never know what may come of a particular fair.
Space was limited so I thought I would try using the drawers for the sign display. I think they worked well.

It is gorgeous outside! Hope you all are enjoying your Saturday!

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  1. Maybe this nice weather had something to do with people staying outside instead of in. But then, I've never been to any craft fairs. I can't walk around them so never bothered. I hope you have better luck at the next one. But at least you made some contacts and maybe some future work! You sure have a lot of stuff Christina!!


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