Monday, March 23, 2009

The Bathroom

Just a quick post, I am not feeling well. Better than earlier, but still blah.

A few pictures from the bathroom I talked about yesterday. This room is very small, only room for a sink and toilet. Sorry I didn't take a before picture, but it was yellow and no one liked it. I painted it green and used lots of black accents. So far no complaints, but sometimes it takes a few days in this house. I need to find new curtains that go with the room better and we will eventually put in a pedestal sink. The bathroom will not stay this clean and clutter free, soon the shelves will be covered with hair products and make-up.
The sign below hangs outside the bathroom.

I bought this mirror last year at Marshells for less than $10.00. I have moved it all over the house, but it looks nice here.
See the curtains do not seem to go now, but this was a no cost make over(for now anyway)

OK I am going back to the couch, have a good night!

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