Thursday, September 30, 2010

Can't let go of summer...

For some reason I find myself painting more garden inspired signs. Does that make sense since it is Fall? Remember this one from yesterday...
Here is my latest one similar yet different. Are you finding it hard to transition to fall?
I am linking up to My Romantic Home Show and Tell Friday.


  1. Love the sign, Christina, and what a great gate the top one would be! I am having a hard time with Fall because when you look out the window it looks like Fall, but it is so humid {that disgusting humidity}! I'm still waiting for actual Fall weather!

  2. I am transistioning to fall...but running ahead...I'm all excited about spring already...planning seed starts, thinking about bulbs...thinking about long winter nights with hot cocoa...

  3. Christina - I love love love your topiary garden sign. You made that??? How talented are you??? I'm going back to look at your past posts and check out your shop. I may have to email you too to see if you could make something for me. I'm so glad to find your blog through Show and Tell Friday.

  4. Have you ever thought of making a sign and using chaulk paint?


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