Saturday, July 24, 2010

Vintage Dresser

Remember the dresser I was telling you about? Here it is. We found it in a basement leftover from an estate sale, its good to have connections because you get to go in a pick through whats left for a steal. This dresser was in the basement falling apart. I almost didn't take it but I could resist the carved drawers and glass knobs. All we had to do is put it back together. The locks even still work with a skeleton key. I just love the patina!

Anyone else find any treasures this weekend?


  1. hi christina, thanks so much for responding to my question about how you paint your signs1 i really appreciate your expertise. i am so jealous, that you can just paint them by hand! lettering is not my strong suit, maybe i just need to practice! i actually have an old projector from a school! i've used it when doing some of my jobs that are very specific, like sports logos for kids rooms. it does work great for that. i've never thought of using it for the signs tho, i'm going to try that now! btw, love the dresser! ~Decorating Diva

  2. That is gorgeous! I found a halltree in our dumpster that I just painted white:)


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