Thursday, August 6, 2009

Transformed Curb Find

I picked this little chest off the curb a few weeks ago. It had potential. The whole chest was covered in padding, fabric and furniture tacks. I am sure it was very trendy in its day, maybe?

All stripped down and ready for some paint....

I forgot to take a picture BEFORE I put in my booth. But I think you can still see the transformation. A scroll design on top and of course a diamond design. I should have taken a close up, but there is a heart shaped lock with a key hole and I hung an old skeleton key from it. (decorative) There is a glass knob to open and closed the lid. Defiantly one of a kind! I think it would make a great chest for the foot of your bed or a coffee table. Decorative with storage!

I also rearranged a bit, mainly the window sill.

Hope everyone is having a great Day!


  1. Fabulous! I have a small toy chest from my son that I would make a really njce wood chest next to our wood-burning stove that I would love to refinish. The toy chest is really well-made, and you have put some ideas into my head. Thanks!

  2. What the ____??? That cannot possibly be the same chest!!!! Gorgeous!!!

  3. Wonderful job, you sure wouldn't know it had such humble beginings. I just love all the black and white in you shop, so crisp and fresh.

  4. Hey, you have a blog! I will be following you. I love your work!!! Maybe I'll have to do some shopping if I get this house (once I have money again, that is... ;)). Thanks for posting on my blog. I'll be back for more in the days ahead!


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